Muff Glen


Muff Glen

Muff Glen is a State Forest but located in a steeply sided river valley; although there is some scrub and broadleaves, the majority of the wood is larch, Norway spruce and Scots pine. 


Muff Glen Forest is nestled in a valley, just ½ mile south of Eglinton, Co. Londonderry. With 34 hectares of mixed woodland, all of which straddles a valley alongside the Muff River, the forest provides a welcome retreat for the local residents of Eglinton and visitors from surrounding areas. All parts of the forest are accessible via the forest path loop, with wonderful views of the waterfall at the southern end of the forest. 


Muff Glen is predominately Japanese and Hybrid larch, all planted in the early to mid 1960’s and now with many areas of native broadleaves growing in the less accessible areas. As time moves on, there is an ever-evolving understorey of Ash. Sycamore, Hazel and Holly are emerging underneath the larch, which, it is hoped, will eventually replace the coniferous species. 


You can park at Muff Glen Forest car park and whilst walking through Muff Glen you may see an array of wildlife species, including red squirrels, buzzards, herons, jays and brown trout in the Muff River. 


Information from the Northern Ireland Forest Service website

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